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Artificial Intelligence

IDgital leverages the power of Google’s TensorFlow as well as our gold-standard tagging of images to create the industry’s leading machine learning platform. In addition, every study tagged by our artificial intelligence engine is tested in real time by feedback of our radiologists.

Intelligent Web Viewer

IDgital’s zero footprint viewer supports multiple monitors, hanging protocols, 3D reconstruction and the other advanced tools radiologists demand without the need for VPNs or software installation. Wherever you have Internet access, you can access your images.

Advanced Workflow

The same way “Hey Google” helps you with your everyday activities now extends to the IDgital workflow system. Your IDgital assistant handles tasks and retrieves the information you need without having to take your eyes off your patient.  We are always looking for new ways to voice! Give us a call..



Advancing Further Each Day…

Where Next?

Were evolving our platform to ensure that you and your physicians have access to the best products and services available in the market.  We have over 100 years of combined experience facing the same challenges your faced with each day. Our goal is simply to solve real day to day issues while you focus on running your business.

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The Physician Exchange

Idgital is more than a platform its an open exchange where you can gain access to new business, access some of the best technology available, all the while working with some of the most skilled people in the business.

“You can be in business for yourself but you don’t have to be in business by yourself.”

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