IDgital leverages the power of Google’s TensorFlow as well as our gold-standard tagging of images to create the industry’s leading machine learning platform. In addition, every study tagged by our artificial intelligence engine is tested in real time by feedback of our radiologists. 

How it Works!
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are dependent upon a large quantity of image sets and a high quality of tagging those image sets. The majority of data sets used to train algorithms in the industry use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to search for key phrases within radiology reports and use those phrases to tag images with findings. This silver-standard of image tagging results in a lower quality of recognition algorithms as some images are tagged incorrectly. IDgital creates gold-standard image tagging by having key image objects created by the physician at the time of interpretation. This gold-standard tagging ensures a high quality and accurate data set. In addition, when an algorithm identifies a particular finding, the physician’s interpretation results in a human feedback loop resulting in enhancements to the algorithms. In addition, by leveraging the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our ML is supported by Google’s proprietary Tensor Processing Units (TPU) which were specifically designed for neural network machine learning.
You may have noticed many capchas on websites asking you to identify store fronts or street signs. AI can easily identify a sign, but knowing what is a street sign for traffic as opposed to a sign advertising a store is a much more difficult process. By having humans identify street signs vs store signs, you are participating in this same type of human feedback loop to help enhance these algorithms that will be used in self-driving cars.

IDgital’s zero footprint viewer supports multiple monitors, hanging protocols, 3D reconstruction and the other advanced tools radiologists demand without the need for VPNs or software installation. Wherever you have Internet access, you can access your images.

Why Zero Footprint!
IDgital’s zero-footprint diagnostic viewer includes all the features a physician would expect and deserve. MPR, spine labeling, customized hanging protocols, mammography workflow and built in 3D viewing are just of few of the tools available. Gone are the days of waiting for a large study to download to your local viewer. This purely web-based viewer streams image data in a fraction of the time DICOM transfers take. As a premier Google partner, IDGital’s archive lives in Google’s data centers. This guarantees high availability and low latency.
The same way “Hey Google” helps you with your everyday activities now extends to the IDgital workflow system. Your IDgital assistant handles tasks and retrieves the information you need without having to take your eyes off your patient.  We are always looking for new ways to voice! Give us a call.
Technology has Advanced!
Utilizing Google’s powerful voice recognition APIs, the IDgital assistant is there to keep the physicians eyes and focus on their interpretation. Voice commands can be used to identify similar findings in other studies, command actions within the IDgital application itself, tell the physician about prior findings or connect you to a patient’s caregiver. There are many uses for both AI and voice and we believe this will be the standard in the future.